About us

INGVILD OÜ is a business advisory company that provides multidisciplinary solutions to build your organization’s capacity to become more effective, productive and profitable in today’s complex economy. A view from an outside gives benefit for organizations to tune their operations. INGVILD OÜ offers business advisory services to help our Clients to overcome business challenges.

At INGVILD OÜ, we help entrepreneurs and executives crystallize their vision, create their plan for success, and navigate challenges and opportunities that arise. Think of us as your personal adviser, a consigliere who is in touch with the pulse of your business.
As a business leader, the decisions you make today have a direct impact on the success you will realize tomorrow. The time you devote to charting your course dictates your outcome. Your future is happening right now.

We are hallmarked
by our ability to:

  • Quickly and accurately understand your business
  • Identify what differentiates you in your market
  • Assess your situation and immediate needs
  • Pinpoint the factors that will influence your growth

When it comes to furthering your business, our business and management consulting services are indispensable. Our grounded and practical insights cut through the clutter and make it easy to keep you focused on what needs to be done to achieve greater success. Our approach is as hands-on as you need us to be, from developing the plan to handling the project for you or working with your resources. Regardless of our level of involvement, we integrate seamlessly with your staff and consider ourselves part of your team.

Your business is important to you. Make the right decisions. Invest in your future. Contact us today to advance your success.